Whether you are seeking a wedding gown alteration expert or a tuxedo alteration expert, the following WNY alteration professionals can handle all of your alteration needs.

Bridal Chateau, Inc.
1687 Wehrle Dr., Williamsville, NY

Chayban’s Tailoring
“We have a reputation that fits any style”
4727 Transit Road, Lancaster NY
Walden Galleria Mall (1st floor near Macy’s)
8078 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY
513 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY
Call for an appointment with Jasmine 716-656-0550
Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride & Flower Girl & Tuxedo Alterations

Classic Bridal
707 Cayuga Creek Rd., Cheektowaga, NY

Jeanne Hall, Alteration Seamstress
“For the perfect pictures, you need the perfect fit”
Cell: 716-940-9308

Richel Formal Wear
1291 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, NY

Victoria’s Bridal Shoppe
5525 Sheridan Dr. (Georgetown Square Courtyard), Williamsville, Ny

One of the “hidden” costs of a wedding that many brides overlook until they pick up their dress and try it on is the wedding dress alteration expense. Every bride is going to have a body that is built differently, in structure and size, therefore wedding gowns are not made to be one-size-fits all. On that significantly important day, when you marry the man of your dreams, you are going to want your stunning wedding gown to fit like a second layer of skin. The gown should compliment and hug your body, while still allowing you to move around and dance for the father-daughter dance, and especially for the first dance as husband and wife after the vows are promised.

Hire the Right Alteration Professional

If you want to get the job done right, you will need to find an expert who has accumulated years of experience, practice, and is proficiency in different types of wedding gown alterations. A wedding gown alteration expert will be able to add those final details into your precious gown and make it fit perfectly, even if the gown is two sizes too big or a size too small. When you are in the middle of organizing and planning all of the intricate details of your wedding, the last thing you want to do is stress out about the little features of your wedding gown and how it will fit. When you hire the right person for the alteration, you can kiss any anxiety away about your gown and focus on other aspects of the wedding that need your attention.

Groom Tuxedo Alteration

While the bride is the one whom alterations are focused on when a wedding is fast approaching, we certainly cannot forget about the groom! Obviously, the groom’s wedding tuxedo alteration will often be less elaborate than the bride’s wedding gown alteration, but sometimes, the tuxedo pants and the sleeves of the tuxedo jacket need the hems adjusted. Other times, the shoulders or the sides of the tuxedo jacket needs alteration, depending how it fits on the groom.

Cost of Wedding Gown Alteration

The expertise level that you need for alterations of your gown is definitely going to cost some money, so you will need to plan the expense of alteration into your wedding budget. One thing that you do not want to do is select the cheapest seamstress or tailor to do the alteration. You have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”, and this is also true with your wedding gown alteration. You truly do not want to cut corners when it comes to getting that wedding gown to fit like a glove!

What can you expect your seamstress to do to your fabulous dress and how much is it going to cost for this alteration? Here are some aspects of the wedding dress and an approximation of what you can expect to spend for the alteration:

 Hem – This is the bottom of the dress (like the hem of a skirt or pants). The hem alteration is quite often much more complicated than it may seem. You can expect the hem to take a significant amount of time to be adjusted, and most bride-to-be’s find that the hems on their bridal gowns require a seamstress to shorten them for the wedding. The approximate cost of alteration for a hem of a wedding gown is between $100 to $300. The more intricate the hem of the gown is detailed, the more it will cost. For example,extra layers, lace, beaded gowns, and wedding gowns that have horsehair in the hem will cost more.
 Sides – If you need the sides of your gown altered, you can count spending on another $50 to $200. When the dress is too big or just a tiny bit too small, the sides will probably need alteration to craft that perfect fit. If the dress is adorned with beads or lace, the alteration will cost on the higher end. The length of the side that needs to be altered will also make a difference in how much you have to pay, so if you only need the hips taken in, you will pay less for the alteration than if you need the whole entire seam adjusted.
 Bustle – These are hooks that are sewn onto the back of the gown by your alteration professional. They were created to lift the train off of the floor and the ground. The loose crinkles and big ruffles that wedding gowns are adorned with in the back that make them look so amazing are made with bustles. How much the wedding gown bustles are going to cost depends on how many bustles are sewn onto the lower part of the dress. While you can expect to pay about $50 to $100 for them, this part of the wedding gown alteration could cost far more than that if you want a lot of ruffles designed elaborately.
 Cups – Most wedding gowns are not made with the idea of hiding a bra. If your gown is sleevess and strapless, there is a good chance you are going to want cups sewn into it. Because it only costs between $20 and $40, it is a good idea to get cups sewn into the gown by your alteration expert to finalize the “fit like a glove” objective. Then, you do not have to wear a bra, and it makes the dress much more comfortable.

Adding it all together, you can plan to spend, on average, about $225 to $500 for your wedding gown alteration. Keep in mind, though, that the more your gown needs in alterations, the more that it will cost, so make sure that you discuss actual prices with your alteration professional before you make an appointment.

Recommendations for Seamstresses and Tailors

Quite often, bridal boutiques will suggest a seamstress or a tailor for their alteration, and while most brides will take that recommendation, it is important for you to know that you do not have to use the alteration expert whom the bridal boutique recommends to you. Post a status update on your social media networks to ask family and friends who they would recommend for your wedding dress and tuxedo alterations. Or, you can spend time searching the Internet and reading reviews about the wedding dress alteration experts in the area. We know that finding the right person for the job is imperative, therefore to help you save time, we have posted a list on our website of local WNY alteration professionals who can make your wedding dress (or tuxedo) flawless for that once-in-a-lifetime day.



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