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Decades ago, weddings were captured in photographs, and even in the past decade, weddings were videotaped with what we would consider today as an “old fashioned video camera”, with low-quality video and audio. Technology has improved and truly evolved by leaps and bounds; therefore today’s wedding audio/video can be captured with high-definition video that is complimented with crystal clear audio. The recorded memories of your once-in-a-lifetime special day will remain with you forever in the form of crisp, high-quality wedding audio/video footage that will never fade away.

Finding the Right Wedding Audio/Video Expert

While you are planning for your wedding, you will want to make it a priority to find the perfect wedding audio/video expert to handle the job. After all, you do not get a second chance at recording the audio/video of a wedding. For example, if you are planning an indoor wedding, you will want to hire someone who has experience videotaping with inside lighting. An outdoor wedding, on the other hand, will require a wedding audio/video professional who knows how capture the best quality video with outside lighting.

Capturing Every Moment Perfectly

You want a wedding audio/video professional who knows that the wedding ceremony is not the only part of the wedding that is important to catch on video. You are going to want to be able to hear all of the voices and sounds that occur during the wedding with pure clarity, and without interference or muffled sounds, throughout the entire wedding. These results require the right technology, plus someone who has years of wedding audio/video experience.

In addition, you want someone who can not only videotape the ceremony and other precious, beautiful wedding day moments (like the kiss), but whom also has the skills to anticipate and capture those spontaneous and quite often humorous moments that occur at weddings. When paired with proficient expertise, the technology that is used at your wedding ceremony will determine how nicely the video turns out.

Things to Know About Wedding Audio/Video

  • Ø Technology – A wireless microphone can be attached to the groom’s lapel during the ceremony. He is right in the middle of the action, so this is a good place to catch excellent audio. If he wants the microphone to be hidden, it can be placed under a button. The pastor is another good choice for the placement of the wireless microphone.
  • Ø Hiring – Most wedding audio/video specialists have a passion for what they do and invest a lot of money into their equipment. Trust your instincts when you are looking around for someone who has perfected the art of capturing the audio/video of a wedding and ask about the equipment they use and the wedding audio/video capabilities. You will know when you find the right person.
  • Ø Permission – Give your wedding audio and video professional permission to be the “only video camera person”. There will be friends and family trying to grab moments on their smart phones cameras, but the person you are hiring and paying for should be able to capture the best moments from perfect angles. Your video should have priority over anyone else’s video or picture.
  • Ø Anticipation of Events – Be sure to discuss the schedule with your audio/video wedding camera person and invite them to the wedding rehearsal. This way, if batteries need to be changed or anything unexpected goes wrong with the equipment, they have a better idea of when crucial moments are coming approaching.
  • Ø Pricing – The cost of a wedding video production is going to depend on whether you select an individual or a studio; normally individuals will charge less than the larger studios. The cost of wedding audio/video will also depend on the package that you decide to select, from basic videography to complete studio productions; it can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

When you and your new spouse cut the cake together and whisper things to each other, you want the wedding audio/video technician to capture that moment perfectly, both with the audio and with the video perspectives. If the groomsmen or the bridesmaids (or both!) bust out in a surprise choreographed dance in the middle of the dance floor, you want every moment of the dance videotaped. During the father-daughter dance, you want those intimate moments caught on camera by your audio/video wedding specialist.

Then, when you replay those moments over and over again, you are going to want to hear faultless audio. Experienced wedding audio/video professionals know how to capture the audio so that it does not distort while the music plays and people are clapping and laughing. Moments like these happen only once in a lifetime, so make sure that you dedicate the time to selecting the best audio/video wedding professional for your needs.

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