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Before the big wedding day, there are two very important rite of passage ceremonies for the bachelor and bachelorette that must take place; the bachelor and bachelorette party. There are three different parties that the bachelor and the bachelorette can consider. The stag party is the bachelor party, the hen’s night is the bachelorette party, and then these two occasions can be creatively combined together in a modern twist to create the co-ed bachelor bachelorette party.

Traditional Bachelor Parties

Traditionally, the Best Man, the groomsmen, or someone close to the bachelor plans the bachelor party. If assistance is needed with the planning of this party, there are bachelor party planning companies. The bachelor party was once known to include a lot of binge alcohol drinking, wild partying, and behaving naughty as a way of saying good-bye to the groom-to-be’s “single life”. They have toned down quite a bit in the recent decade, becoming more of a get-together for the “boys”, with plans like a night of reminiscing at a high class restaurant or hotel, a trip to a local sports arena for a game, or an overnight camping trip.

Traditional Bachelorette Parties

The traditional bachelorette party is the “girl’s night out” right before she gets married. Times have changed, but several blue moons ago, when women got married, they customarily settled down with the husband and started to have kids. This “girl’s night out”, just as the bachelor is kissing away his singlehood, was a way of recognizing the bride-to-be’s last night with the girls, as well. Ultimately, the bachelorette party and the bachelor party are designed to honor the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be, consecutively.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Planning Advice

  • The bride-to-be and the groom-to-be never pay for the expenses of a bachelor or bachelorette party. The friends and family who are participating in the celebration are expected to pay the bill in full.
  • Surprise bachelor and bachelorette parties are acceptable, and quite often welcome. You can plan the entire party as a surprise, or plan certain aspects of the party to be surprises.
  • Normally, the attendants of the bridal party plan the parties. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man do not necessarily have to do the planning, but they should stay informed about the party details.
  • Get ready to throw around the toasts and the roasts. This is the time to honor the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be with toasts and spread some smiles around with some roasts. Make the party fun and get a laugh or two in.
  • The people who attend the bachelor bachelorette party should also receive invitations, as well as attend the wedding. If they are close enough friends to be at the bachelor bachelorette party, then they should definitely be at the wedding.
  • While the “last night of freedom” should be the night before the wedding day, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be will not want to be partying out late the night before they say their I Do’s. As a matter of fact, what could ruin a bachelor bachelorette party more than the bride-to-be or groom-to-be saying that they want to turn in early to rest up for the big day?

Co-ed Bachelor Bachelorette Party Ideas 

If you have decided to throw a modern twist in the bachelor and bachelorette parties and combine them together, we have put together the following co-ed bachelor bachelorette party ideas for you:

  1. Sunset on the Sea – Charter a party boat, a sailboat, or a yacht and cruise the ocean for the day, and possibly even the evening. What is more romantic than watching the sun set while you are on the ocean?
  2. Kid Party – Take a trip back to childhood with plans to hit the miniature golf trails, race a few rounds around the outdoor racetrack, rent some bounce houses, play paint ball or laser tag, or book a party at Chuck-E-Cheese’s, where the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be can play like a kid for the last time before getting married.
  3. Dance – You can go formal or you can go casual. Sign up the guests of the bachelor bachelorette party up for dance lessons or plan to head out to the club for the evening and flaunt the moves on the dance floor.

No matter what is planned for the send-off party, the bachelor bachelorette party should be an event that the bride-to-be and groom-to-be never forget. It should be a night of feeling honored and special, as well as a night full of fun and laughs.

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