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If you have a theme for your wedding, there are wedding balloons to match the theme you have chosen. Wedding balloons decorations can be designed in endless ways to accent your wedding décor and add a fun and soft appeal to a traditional and formal setting. We have seen so many fabulous and creatively crafted wedding balloons displays, including, but certainly not limited to, wedding balloon tables, wedding balloon bouquets and many other hand-crafted wedding balloons decorations.

Wedding Balloon Bouquets

If you like wedding balloon bouquets, you are going to have to make several decisions before your bouquets can be made. If you have a wedding planner and you plan to give up all rights to making decisions about the wedding, then you will not have to worry about answering these questions, but most brides are at least consulted before the wedding planner places the order for the wedding balloons. Some of the questions to consider include:

  1. What colors will match with the color scheme and theme?
  2. If the wedding theme is red and white, should you have more red wedding balloons or should you have more white?
  3. Do you want huge bunches of balloons that are just short of the ceiling or do you like the shorter, smaller bunches that are about a foot or two taller than the tables?
  4. How many wedding balloon bouquets do you want in the room?

Wedding balloon bouquets need to be held in place by something. While they are sometimes tied down with string or ribbon, there are also decorations called wedding balloon weights that are used to hold the balloon bouquets so that they stay in place when wedding guests walk by them or accidentally brush past them.

Wedding Balloon Weights

Wedding balloon weights come in just about every imaginable decorative design. There are metallic wedding balloon weights that are made with shiny and colorful foil wrapping that can coordinate with the wedding balloons and other wedding décor. Some wedding balloon weights are shaped like wedding bells or hearts or oversized diamond-looking decorations. We have even seen some adorable and unique champagne bottle wedding balloon weights.

Wedding Balloons Tables

Again, the creativity level of the wedding planners is what makes the wedding balloons tables incredible and unique. We have seen tables with wedding balloon bouquets that are set atop tables in groups of three or four and held in place by smaller-sized wedding balloon weights.  We also seen elaborately designed wedding balloon décor that hangs over the table from an arch that runs the entire length of the table. The wedding balloons are structured in heart designs and color swirls that you would never imagine possible.

Wedding Balloon Prices

As you are contemplating how many wedding balloons you want to incorporate into the décor for your wedding, you are also probably wondering how much balloons cost for an average wedding. There will be two options for buying wedding balloons to choose from that have significantly different costs. Obviously, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be should not be spending their time inflating helium balloons, if there is someone who does not mind doing this, it can save a substantial amount of money.

A helium tank can be rented from a party supply store or an event rental company if you need to inflate hundreds of balloons. You can expect to spend in the range of $40 or $50 for the helium tank rental. If you only plan to blow up less than 50 balloons, you can purchase a disposable tank for about $45. If you go to a store and have the balloons blown up for your wedding, you will spend about 89 cents per balloon, and that can add up fast when you have intricate wedding balloons decorations in mind.

Inflating Wedding Balloons on the Day of the Wedding

If you decide to rent a helium machine, you will want to be 100% sure that the person who is planning to inflate all of the balloons that you are going to need to complete the wedding balloons decorations, wedding balloon tables, or wedding balloon bouquets will be able to get them all inflated on the day of the wedding. Keep in mind that the balloons will need to be inflated with helium the day of the wedding; otherwise they will start to deflate before the ceremony starts. You may just decide that it is worth spending the extra money to have them inflated by a wedding balloon store rather than take any chances.


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