Bridal Shops

Where are the best WNY bridal shops for your wedding gown, bridesmaids gowns,and wedding accessories for your wedding?
Check out our suggested bridal shops in WNY.

Blissetts Specialty Shop, LLC
Bridal, Prom, Special Occasions
447-449 Main St., Medina, NY

Bridal Chateau, Inc.
1687 Wehrle Dr., Williamsville, NY

Bridals By “D”
6812 Main St., Williamsville, NY

Classic Bridal
707 Cayuga Creek Rd., Cheektowaga, NY

Creative Elegance Weddings
318 Main St., Arcade, NY

Tattler’s Lane Bridal
1519 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls, NY

Victoria’s Bridal Shoppe
5525 Sheridan Dr. (Georgetown Square Courtyard), Williamsville, NY

What girl does not love to peruse the wedding gowns, bridesmaids gowns and other wedding accessories that bridal shops carry in stock? If you are planning your wedding and you have yet to select the bridal shop that you want to purchase dresses from, you will definitely want to check out our recommendations above. You will find that their professionalism and the way that they treat you and your bridal attendants will make you all feel like queens.

Bridal Shops – Where Dreams Come To Life

The shopping in bridal shops does not stop at the dresses and accessories for weddings. Many bridal shops carry and display prom dresses, gifts, unity candles, decorations, and don’t forget the tuxedo for the groom-to-be! Bridal shops are the places where some of the biggest wedding decisions are made; this is where the “dream come true” starts to really form in the minds of the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be. The bride-to-be can spend time trying on gowns that are adorned with satin, lace, and beads in fashions that are fit for royalty.

What You Can Expect From Bridal Shops

During your wedding planning, you will want to visit a few bridal shops to see what each one has to offer and the feeling that you get when you walk in the door. How are you greeted? Is the atmosphere modern and chic or old fashioned and classic? Are the ladies in the bridal shop attentative and friendly or stuffy and standoffish? You will definitely know how you feel about each of the bridal shops that you visit within moments of walking in the door.

It is important for you to know that your experience at the bridal shop of your choice will be different than your friends’ experiences and your family members’ experiences, because your needs and wants are different than their wants and needs. Your bridal shop experience should be exciting and fun and you should be catered to like you are the queen of the day. Our listing of WNY bridal shops understand this, and will ensure that you are provided with a once-in-a-lifetime wonderful experience that you will never forget.

What You Can Expect From Your Bridal Consultant

Once you have chosen the bridal shop that you feel the best vibes in, you will be introduced to your bridal consultant. Your bridal consultant will be there for you, every step of the way and for every decision that you make in the bridal shop. Of course, the biggest choice is going to be which gown that you, the bride, will wear for your wedding gown. Your eyes may fall upon the dress of your dreams or you may have to try on a hundred gowns before you make the ultimate decision. You are going to want to sit down and tell your bridal consultant the aspects and qualities that you want in a wedding gown.

Your bridal consultant will bring the gowns to you and help you fit into them, one at a time. Once you have chosen the wedding gown of your dreams, your bridal consultant will also assist in chosing the best bridesmaid gowns for your wedding, as well. You may already have a theme in mind, and the colors of the bridesmaid dresses can correspond with the theme. Or, the bridesmaids may have offered their advice on colors for gowns. Either way, your consultant will pull together your thoughts and recommendations and show you different options to choose from.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

There are so many small details to remember when you are wedding planning! The wonderful thing about bridal shops and having your own personal bridal consultant is that they will remember the details, like accessories, and not only remind you, but also give you the perfect choices to match with everything else you have chosen. Some of the accessories that you will select from include:

* Jewelry
* Veil
* Headpiece
* Gloves
* Handbag
* Shoes
* undergarments

Your bridal consultant will want you to try on the different accessories to see exactly how they will look and match with the gown. Normally, the bridal consultant is there for you as you decide what you are going to wear, from head to toe, on your wedding day. When you choose one of our listed WNY bridal shops, you can be assured that you will be treated with the ultimate level of respect and you will be given 100% attention throughout the entire process of selecting all of your wedding wardrobe needs


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