Candy Buffet

Candy buffets experts in the WNY area who are ready to bring the sweets to your wedding:

Alethea’s  Chocolates
8301 Main Street  Williamsville, NY
Camie’s Candies
“Any Theme You Can Dream..Drean It In Chocolate”
Certainly Sweet Candy Buffet
“Treat Yourself”
Gala Parties, Inc
Muscoreils Fine Desserts and Gourmet Bistro
“For Desserts As Special As The Guests You Are Serving”
3960 Niagara Falls Blvd., Wheatfield, NY
Simply Sweet Events
Sweet Melody’s
“Italian Ice Cream With Elegance”
The Family Chocolate Shoppe
“Fourth Generation Chocolatiers”
10295 Main Street, Clarence, NY
The Wedding Agent
2890 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, NY

Candy buffets are a trend that you are going to see more and more at weddings, and there are several reasons why we can say this with confidence. First of all, who doesn’t like to cater to their sweet tooth at a wedding? Secondly, candy buffets can be crafted to add to the décor of your wedding theme, as candies come in some many colors and shapes. Finally, instead of spending a small fortune on the thank you gifts for your wedding attendants, consider candy buffets to keep the budget low.

Why Hire Someone that Crafts Candy Buffets?

It is almost impossible to know about all of the various types of candies that are sold around the world. While we have faith that you could create your own candy buffet for your wedding and we are sure it will look fabulous, hiring an expert who has experience in crafting candy buffets will ensure that you have a splendid candy display that you never would have thought of. Because candy is their business, they will know more about the varieties and colors of various candies, which containers to display them in, and how to tie the candy buffet into the theme and color scheme of your wedding.

Budgeting for Candy Buffets

Some of the most difficult things about candy buffets are: figuring out how much candy should be on the table, making sure that there will be enough candy for all of the guests, and sticking within the budget that you have set aside for the candy buffet. While many brides-to-be want to pick a weight, for instance, let’s say eight ounces of candy for each guest, this does not promise that the table will be covered with enough candy to be appealing to the eye. Here’s a hint: the more candy on the candy buffet table, the better the display is going to look, so do not restrict your candy buffet budget to the amount of guests.

Overflow the Candy

If you want your candy buffet to be appealing to the eye, you are going to want to make sure that there is enough candy. In the case of candy buffets, the more candy on the table, the more full the containers are, the better they will appeal to your guests’ eyes. One of the biggest complaints about candy buffets is that they did not have enough candy to make a good presentation. So, let the candy overflow the containers to ensure that you and your guests are not disappointed by the appearance of your wedding candy buffet.

Find Candy Buffets Similar to What You Want

No matter how much experience someone has in crafting candy buffets, if you do not give them a good idea of what you want your candy bar to look like, you might as well leave them shooting in the dark. Provide your candy buffet expert with the details of how your décor and your theme will be presented so that they can carefully coordinate the colors and the display of your candy buffet for your wedding. Sort through pictures on the Internet (there are plenty to look through!) and show them to your candy buffets professional so that they can see what you have in mind.

Candy Buffets – The Containers

You can get as creative as you want to get with the candy buffet containers. Obviously, if you have chosen an expert to create your candy buffet for your wedding, you can still provide them with ideas that you would like to use for containers. We have seen everything from round fishbowls to martini glasses to flower vases used to hold the candy on the table.

Color Palettes and Themes for Candy Buffets

You are going to want your candy buffet at your wedding to match or coordinate with your color scheme and theme somehow. When you choose the colors for your candy buffet, they do not have to be the exact colors of your theme, but the entire table should mingle nicely with the colors that you have chosen for your wedding. Let the theme dictate which types of candy are displayed on the table. For example, a beach theme would bring the peanut brittle, salt water taffy, candy apples, and different types of fudge.

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