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Brides-to-be who are new to wedding planning may not be aware of what wedding card boxes are or the tradition that they carry. Then again, you may have been to various weddings and never seen wedding card boxes at the wedding reception. For those of you who do not know what wedding card boxes are, we are here to enlighten you. Some card boxes are used simply to add to the décor and the theme of the wedding, while others serve a bigger purpose.

You can count on your guests bringing cards of congratulations and some of these cards will contain money, in the form of either cash or a check. Rather than guests handing them to the bride and groom randomly throughout the wedding reception, they can simply toss them into your wedding card box. This may be a new idea for some of the wedding guests, so you do not necessarily have to tell them to put the cards in your card box when they try to hand them to you. The card box will, however, provide you with one stationary place to keep all of the cards that you receive, rather than carrying them around.

Placement of Card Boxes

At your wedding reception, you can set up a table that is designed specifically to be a gift table. We understand that every family practices their own wedding traditions that are carried down the generations, and if a gift table has never been part of past family weddings, you might want to consider adding one to your wedding reception. You can label the gift table and make an announcement that guests can drop their cards into the box for you to sort through after the reception.

If a gift table is not your style, you can still have a pretty card box without the gift table. Instead of the gift table, you can place the card box on the bride and groom’s table. Then again, if you are using card boxes as your centerpieces, they will adorn all of the tables at your reception. Card boxes do not have to be used for a practical purpose, as they are just as cute as decoration pieces. Don’t forget that if you are not using an open-topped card box, you will need to make a slot in the top of the box so that your guests can easily slide their cards into the box.

Types of Card Boxes

If you search the Internet for “wedding card boxes”, you are going to come across a plethora of various styles, shapes and creative ideas for card boxes. It will be important, regardless of how you are going to use your card boxes, to use the colors and theme of your wedding to coordinate your card box with the rest of your wedding reception. While you may want it to stand out to guests so that they notice it and place their cards into it, you also do not want any card boxes at your wedding reception that will stick out like a sore thumb amongst your wedding décor.

There are no limits when it comes to card boxes; you can get as creative as you want to. We have seen wedding card boxes stacked and crafted together and decorated to look just like a tiered wedding cake, card boxes that look like bird cages, and others that look like mail boxes or wishing wells. Different materials can be used to make card boxes, starting from inexpensive cardboard and ranging to metal card boxes and ceramic card boxes. Your budget will dictate whether you need to look through inexpensive card boxes or if you can fancy a more intricately decorated card box.

Monogramming Wedding Card Boxes

Maybe you want to craft your own DIY wedding card box, but want to do something special, like getting it monogrammed with the name of the bride and the groom and the wedding date. Companies that sell card boxes are familiar with (and have the ability to) monogramming wedding card boxes. You can consult one of the wedding card boxes experts on our list above for more information about getting wedding card boxes monogrammed. A monogrammed wedding gift box is a great keepsake from your wedding that will look great as décor in your house long after your wedding.

Under Lock and Key

If you are leery about guests leaving their cards and monetary gifts in a box on a table in the reception room, amongst other guests, have no fear. There are cute treasure chest card boxes that include a slot on the top of the treasure chest for your guests to slip their cards into easily and a key that inserts into the key slot that you can keep in your possession until you and the groom are ready to look through the cards.

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