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The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding centerpieces. No matter how creative you are, if you can imagine a wedding centerpiece, it can be made. Have you ever been to an elegantly decorated wedding and secretly wanted to take home the wedding centerpiece on the table? Nothing pulls together the theme and the colors of the wedding like designer wedding table centerpieces!

Probably the biggest problem that brides-to-be encounter when they are thinking about wedding table centerpieces is that there are so many different ways to create them! You might decide to make your own wedding centerpieces or you might decide to hire someone to make these fundamental pieces of décor for you. Regardless of who makes them, there are some things you will want to think about before you make the final decision on how your wedding centerpieces will look.

1. Budget – Just like anything else that costs money, before you do any planning, imagining or creating for your wedding centerpieces, you are going to want to plan a financial budget for them. If you want to present more elaborate table centerpieces at your wedding, you can definitely plan to spend more than the Do-It-Yourself wedding centerpieces.

2. Materials – Plants and flowers are popular wedding centerpiece components, but the options do not end there. Marbles, candy, shells or rocks can be placed in fancy jars. We have even seen a baseball glove sprinkled with green Easter basket grass and holding baseballs for the sports- loving couple-to-be. Think about your theme and how you can bring the theme together into the centerpieces.

3. Season – If you definitely want to incorporate flowers into your wedding centerpieces, it will be vital to take into consideration the season, because the availability of flowers is seasonal. There may be other items that you want in your centerpieces that can only be obtained in certain seasons, so be sure to keep this in mind when you are planning. For example, if you are planning an autumn wedding, do not expect to be able to create your wedding centerpieces with Stargazer lilies. Instead, you may want to consider some pink mums for the centerpieces to represent your autumn wedding and ensure that they will be in stock at the florist.

4. Colors/Theme – The theme and colors of your wedding are going to be crucial inspirations for your table centerpieces. Imagine a red, white and blue theme with centerpieces that are made with orange tinged hibiscus flowers. No matter how much you love the appearance of hibiscus flowers and want them incorporated into your wedding centerpieces, they are just not going to be the flower to bring the red, white and blue theme together. You could definitely select white hibiscus flowers for the centerpieces, but not the orange.

5. Presentation – When the wedding table centerpieces are all put together and set on the tables in the middle of the food or the table settings, the presentation – or how they appear amongst the rest of the décor – is what matters the most. You can have the most beautiful flowers displayed fabulously with peach colored lace wrapped around them, but if they are placed in the wrong sized jar or container for the flowers or the tables, the presentation will not be the best that it can be. Wedding centerpieces need to be the right size for the tables, contain the right amount of décor, and be as beautiful and amazing as possible without overdoing it.

6. Size – Your wedding centerpieces should not be so large that they block the view between your guests as they are eating dinner and chatting during the reception. While you want to ensure that the wedding centerpieces are creatively fabulous and amazing, you also want your guests to be able to enjoy conversation without having to lean around to see each other. If you are hosting a smaller wedding, it would make sense to have smaller centerpieces, and a larger wedding with hundreds of guests would welcome larger centerpieces. A humongous buffet table would also look fantastic with a large centerpiece.

If you are hiring an expert to create your wedding centerpieces, they should be very aware of the tips that we have listed above, but they will want to hear your input, as well. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the ins and outs of wedding centerpieces before you start sharing your ideas with the person to ensure that you are both on the same page and your wedding centerpieces come out just as perfect as you want them to be.

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