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To match the décor for your wedding, chair covers & linens can be rented from the following WNY vendors:
Simply Sweet Events
The Wedding Agent
2890 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, NY
When you are planning for your wedding, there are intricate details that you must pay attention to, like the chair covers & linens that should match the decor. These are things that are sometimes forgotten until the last minute, which can create stress that would normally have been an easy fix. Chair covers & linens may not seem like an integral part of the wedding décor, but when these items are added into the entire scheme of the wedding, chair covers & linens can actually make or break how the wedding décor and theme ends up looking.Let’s say, for example, that the chair covers & linens are not delivered on time for the wedding. Or, maybe they were totally forgotten about, and there is a last-minute scramble to figure out what you are going to use for your wedding chair covers & linens. Unfortunately, this poor planning could cost points in the overall appeal of your wedding. The tables will look bare and hard and the chairs could be mismatched. Even if the chairs are all similar, if there are no chair covers to match with the theme and décor, the chairs are also going to look bare and hard.

Purpose of the Chair Covers & Linens

First, the chair covers & linens protect the chairs and tables so that food and spills do not stain them. Beyond that, though, the chair covers & linens serve the purpose of making the chairs and tables look soft and inviting. Then, when the chair covers & linens are tied into the scheme of the wedding theme, the colors and fabrics provide a medium that brings the wedding theme together. The wrong chair covers & linens could completely mess up the theme and make your wedding look chintzy. So, whatever you do, you want to make sure that you plan ahead for the chair covers & linens for your wedding.

How to Decorate the Chair Covers & Linens

How you choose to decorate the chair covers & linens for your wedding can stretch beyond laying beautiful linens on the tables and draping chair covers over the chairs. Some wedding designers get really fancy with their decorating skills and add bows and ribbons and satin and lace to the chair covers & linens to create elaborate designs for the tables and chairs that gives off that “Wow” effect. A lace linen can be layered over a sheer linen for the tables, creating a layered, fancy effect. If a designer wanted to take the decorating to another level, they could do the layered effect with two different colors.

Essentially, the decorating choices that chair covers & linens provide your wedding depends on how creative you or your wedding designer is. If you wanted to use very basic chair covers & linens and then use the place settings and centerpieces to create the visual appeal, that would be another way to tie the theme together. Regardless, thought it going to have to be put into what you want to use for the chair covers & linens at your wedding, or you are going to be left in a major lurch at the last minute.


It is extremely important to make sure that you obtain the correct measurements for the chair covers & linens with plenty of time in advance to order them and ensure that they fit the tables and chairs correctly. If you wait until the last few weeks before the wedding to get the measurements and place the order, you may not be able to get the colors and the sizes that you need in time for your wedding. If you plan plenty of time in advance and, for some reason, the chair covers & linens do not fit appropriately, you will still have plenty of time to figure out why they do not fit and reorder chair covers & linens that do fit correctly.

It can actually be quite fun picking out the chair covers & linens for your wedding as long as you plan well in advance. These are the items that can easily be the factor that ties the entire wedding theme together, with colors that coordinate with the décor and fabrics that help set the mood. Any additional intricate details, like ribbon or lace tie backs, are like the icing on the cake. When you take a step back and look at the entire room as a showpiece, you will realize that the chair covers & linens were extremely integral parts to bringing the theme together.

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