Chocolate Fountains

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Divine Chocolate Fountains
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Divine Chocolate Fountains
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst, NY
Every bride wants to have something at their wedding to “Wow” the guests, like chocolate fountains. Yes, you read it right. Chocolate fountains can serve many purposes at weddings, believe it or not. First of all, the appearance alone, the fountain shape and the real chocolate that pours over the edges with a thickness that only chocolate offers, gives the table an aesthetic quality. Then, think of the endless dippers that can accompany the chocolate fountain, too!

Chocolate fountains provide you with a unique table idea that gives your guests tons of different ways to enjoy chocolate. (Because who doesn’t love chocolate?) While the thought of simply dipping fingers into the chocolate fountains sounds fun and delicious, when you use a chocolate fountain as a centerpiece of a table at your wedding, you are giving your guests the gift of chocolate in a physically appealing way.

Chocolate Fountains & Dippers

It is difficult to say whether the chocolate is the best part of the chocolate fountain table or if the dippers are the best part. Perhaps the best part is dipping the dippers into the chocolate? What can you think of to put on the table for dippers that would make the chocolate all the more attractive to your guests at your wedding? Just about any fruit would make a great dipper for the chocolate fountains. Don’t forget the strawberries!

Pretzels and chocolate are an all-time favorite combination. Marshmallows or coconut marshmallows would be delectable. Rice Krispy Treats and chocolate would make chocolate Rice Krispy Treats. Caramel popcorn would make an incredible treat when dipped in chocolate. Break up pieces of waffle cones and put them on a plate as dippers. Peppermint sticks, toffee, cinnamon sticks, breakfast bars, lolly pops, peanut brittle, licorice, and brownies would all make yummy dippers for the chocolate fountain table at your wedding.

The Chocolate Fountains

The chocolate fountains are fairly simple concepts, and they combine an artistic visual aspect with functionality. Most are made of a stainless steel body with tiers that simply slide in place. Holes are strategically placed for aeration of the chocolate, and the stainless steel heats up in mere moments, so you do not have to wait forever to experience the pure ecstasy of the melted dipping chocolate. Within moments of heating up, the chocolate will flow down over the tiers to create a fountain appeal and then be returned back to the top to flow back down again.

If you have yet to experience chocolate fountains and how much fun they can bring to a wedding, but you happen to be an extreme chocolate lover, then you should definitely check some chocolate fountains out. If you are looking for something that is a little bit unique to showcase at your wedding, there is no doubt that a chocolate fountain would do the job. Then, when you surround the chocolate fountains with numerous bowls that include a plethora of different dippers, you can stand back and listen as your guests talk about how awesome it is.

Change the Chocolate

Maybe you just are not into regular chocolate, or you maybe you do not think that regular chocolate is what you want to have at your wedding. Think about how delicious white chocolate would be in one of these chocolate fountains! And, then think about the different dippers that you could pair with white chocolate at your wedding. By changing the chocolate fountains from regular chocolate to white chocolate, you completely change what the table could look like, as well as the different combinations that you can come up with for dippers. White chocolate with strawberries might be even better than plain chocolate.

Chocolate Fountains as Cakes

Another unique idea is to display the chocolate fountain as your wedding cake. Sometimes, skewers that are covered with an assortment of fruits and other dippers are provided with the chocolate fountains. Rather than cutting your wedding cake, you can be the first person at your wedding to dip a skewer into the chocolate fountain. The tiers of the chocolate fountain make it look like a cake, and the smoothness of the chocolate that is constantly running down the sides makes the “cake” look glossy.

Whatever way you decide to use chocolate fountains at your wedding, we are sure that your guests will be full of compliments about the unique and delicious idea. Enjoy the taste of chocolate at your wedding with the amazing chocolate fountains that look as beautiful as they taste.

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