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What woman doesn’t want the perfect cosmetics, make-up & skin care for their wedding day? You can have the most fabulous gown, an amazing veil, and be adorned in the snazziest jewelry, but when it all boils down, your glow and shine on your face will be what everyone remembers from your wedding day. Focusing on your cosmetics, make-up & skin care are going to be crucial as you get geared up for the ceremony of your life.

One thing to remember is that the cosmetics, make-up & skin care is not a one-day, wedding day endeavor. You should be taking care of your skin months before your wedding day to ensure the best pH balance and natural glow that you can achieve. With that in mind, you may want to find a professional who can provide you guidance about your skin care regimen months prior to your wedding.

Here are nine tips to keep your cosmetics, make-up & skin care on track for your wedding day:

1. Find a cosmetologist who can help you with skin treatments in the months leading up to your wedding day. She will be able to offer you guidance for the proper treatment of your skin to ensure that it will shine and glow naturally on your wedding day.

2. Follow the regimen that your cosmetics, make-up & skin professional teaches you consistently. Most skin types will require a multi-step process that includes several different products, including the proper cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skin type.

3. To avoid those horrible looking pimples on your wedding day, refrain from using make-up that will clog your pores in the months (and especially days) before your wedding day. If you can stand to go cosmetics and make-up free, your skin will love you for it. Additionally, make sure you are using moisturizer that will give your face that glow and shine.

4. Consider getting weekly facials in the months prior to your wedding day. Your cosmetics, make-up & skin care professional can tell you which exfoliants, masks, and even facial hair removal you may need to keep your skin at the optimum level of shine and glow.

5. Be true to yourself when you are considering the cosmetics, make-up & skin care for your wedding. While the colors and hues that your cosmetologist suggests may be bright and cheerful and make your eyes “pop” and your cheekbones and lips look amazing, you might not be comfortable with a lot of make-up on your face, even on your wedding day. Stay true to you and keep the make-up simple, if that is what makes you comfortable.

6. On the night before your wedding day, be sure to get as much sleep as possible to avoid baggy eyes and circles. Yes, it is possible to cover these issues up, but it is worth getting the sleep that you need for your cosmetics, make-up & skin care to look its best. You are going to need your sleep anyways to ensure that your day is as enjoyable as possible!

7. Ask your cosmetologist to use matte colors on your face on your wedding day. Matte colors will not look as shiny as other make-up. Additionally, if you want your eyes to “pop” even more, ask your cosmetologist to swipe some matte shadow on along your brow bones. For fairer skin, off-white will enhance your eyes, while peach will enhance your eyes if you have a darker skin tone.

8. Keep the make-up on the natural side of the spectrum for your wedding day. You do not want to look like you are going to walk down the runway in a drag queen masquerade. You want to look beautiful in a natural way.

9. Ask your cosmetics, make-up & skin professional to do a dry-run with your make-up prior to your wedding day so that you can see what she plans to do for you. This way, you will have a chance to give your input and change a few things if you are not comfortable with the colors that she chooses. If you wait until the wedding day, you will be pressed for time if any chances need to be made.

By hiring a cosmetics, make-up & skin care professional to guide you as your wedding day approaches and to create your wedding day look, you will avoid any cosmetics, make-up & skin care woes on your wedding day and ultimately enjoy your day even more.

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