Custom Sewing

The following professionals provide custom sewing in the WNY area for your wedding:

Chayban’s Tailoring
“We have a reputation that fits any style”
4727 Transit Road, Lancaster NY
Walden Galleria Mall (1st floor near Macy’s)
8078 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY
513 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY
Call for an appointment with Jasmine 716-656-0550
Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride & Flower Girl & Tuxedo Alterations
Jeanne Hall, Alteration Seamstress
“For the perfect pictures, you need the perfect fit”
Cell: 716-940-9308
Victoria’s Bridal Shoppe
5525 Sheridan Dr. (Georgetown Square Courtyard), Williamsville, Ny

Finally getting your wedding gown is exciting, but you might find that you need custom sewing to finalize how it falls on you. Do not fret, as most brides-to-be find that they need a little custom sewing to take in the sides, bring up the hem just a tad, or add a sewn in bra. On the other hand, there might be many different adjustments that you need done to your wedding gown or you might want a wedding gown that is completely made with custom sewing. There are so many decisions to be made!

The level of custom sewing that you need for your wedding dress is your choice. You might have a mother or an aunt who is fantastically talented with a sewing machine, but if you do not have a family member or friend who can perform the custom sewing that you need, there are plenty of professionals who solely offer custom sewing for wedding gowns. If you are still making the decision whether to have your wedding gown custom made or to buy a pre-designed dress is up to you.

If you are leaning toward custom sewing for your wedding dress, whether for the entire thing or even just for minor adjustments, you are going to want to start talking to professionals who have been custom sewing wedding gowns for a while. Here are some tips to help you find the right person for your wedding dress custom sewing:

Pre-Made Wedding Gowns

Normally, pre-made wedding gowns will come in specific, standard sizes, therefore if you are not a “Perfect 10”, so to speak, you are probably going to need adjustments done to your wedding gown once it arrives. If you are ordering a long-length gown and you are shorter than average, you can expect to hire someone to help you with custom sewing. Most styles of gowns can be adjusted, but there are others that will be extremely difficult to alter the hem on, so you will want to discuss this with the person who is going to perform your custom sewing before you finalize the ordering of your gown.

Custom Wedding Gowns

Custom wedding gowns are not for everyone. If you do not have the time or patience to sort through different styles and test various fabrics, then you probably want to purchase a pre-made wedding gown. On the other hand, if you want a wedding gown that is made to fit you perfectly, from top to bottom, then custom sewing is your best bet. If you want a dress that is made of the fabrics that you select and customized exactly as you want it to look, then a custom sewn wedding gown may be right for you.

Again, the choice of a pre-made wedding gown versus a custom sewn wedding gown is up to you.

Whether you want a custom designed wedding gown or you need some minor adjustments done to your store-bought wedding gown, here are some tips we have put together for you to consider when searching for someone to do the custom sewing of your wedding gown:

1. Reviews – Find someone who does custom sewing through either word of mouth from your friends or family or search the Internet for local custom sewing professionals. (We have a list above to help you in the WNY area.) Check out the reviews that are posted on the Internet and talk to people who have used their custom sewing expertise in the past.

2. Think about your budget when you are making the decision between custom sewing and store bought wedding gowns. Normally, you can expect to spend much more on a custom sewn wedding gown that you will spend on a store-bought wedding gown. Even if you need adjustments made to your store-bought wedding gown, you will still spend less money.

3. Plan for several different fittings to ensure that your wedding gown comes out perfect. Each fitting may focus on different aspects of the gown. The final features should be completed well before the wedding to reduce your level of stress.

4. If you choose the custom-made gown, plan to spend time with your custom designer to ensure that she understands exactly what you want in a custom sewn gown. You might want to spend time with two or three different custom sewing experts before you make the final decision. By spending time with a few different custom sewing experts, you will understand their abilities and be able to gauge whether or not they will be able to fully carry out your requests to make your perfect wedding gown.

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