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The big day is coming up, but are the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be ready to take on the dance floor? Or is there a chance that you may need some dance instruction before you tackle the first dance? Wedding jitters happen to everyone, but they can be even worse when you fear dancing in front of people, or if either partner feels like they have two left feet. You can get rid of most of those wedding jitters with some great dance instruction before the big day.

Before you pick up the phone and call the first wedding dance instruction studio in the area, there are some things about wedding dancing that you might not know.

Wedding Song

You might feel saucy and want to try something that will “wow” your guests, like the Salsa. Congratulations for wanting to try something new and exciting! However, if your wedding song is a slow song, you can count the salsa out for the first dance, at least. This does not mean that you cannot learn the salsa during your dance instruction and “wow” your guests during a faster song later on, but rather that you are going to need to match the type of dance to the type of song. Your dance instruction professional will be able to help you select a song or a dance to match a song if you need some help.

Short and Sweet Song Length

The song length should not be too long. Therefore, you need to try to keep the song that you learn how to dance to in your dance instruction class between two and three minutes long. Regardless of which type of song you select or the type of dance you choose, you want to keep your wedding reception moving and exciting for your guests. Shorter songs are sweeter for your wedding dance.

Dance Instruction Practice

If you use a CD for your dance instruction, this will make it easier for you to push the repeat button and practice the dance instruction for the first dance over and over again. You can also try different types of dancing to other songs on the CD if your dance instruction includes teaching you several types of dance techniques and tempos. (And you will not get tired of your wedding song before the dance instruction is halfway over).

Another thing about practicing: Do not keep your practicing to your dance instruction classes. Practice dancing as much as you can in between classes during your days leading up to the wedding. The more practice you get, the more comfortable you will become with the dance steps, and the more confidence you will have when the big day comes.

How Many Classes?

If you do want to get dance instruction, you should plan on taking about five to ten classes before the wedding day. So, be sure to think and plan ahead. While weekly classes could take five to ten weeks to accomplish, if you set up bi-weekly classes, the dance instruction classes will be closer together and the dance steps will stay fresher in your mind. If you have to squish dance instruction classes into the schedule close to the wedding, then they can certainly be planned for every other day and can be accomplished within a week or two. That scenario could be stressful with all of the last minute details that need to be finished before the wedding, so planning ahead for dance instruction is your best bet.

Have Fun

Whether or not you get dance instruction, you need to remember to make sure that you have fun, regardless of what may happen. Dance instruction can teach you the steps, and will also teach you to keep dancing, even if you miss a step or the dance CD skips or stops. The guests at the wedding party are not aware of the particular steps that you were taught in dance instruction. The whole idea of the first dance is not to dance perfectly, but rather to enjoy a beautiful dance as a couple for the first time.

If the groom-to-be makes changes to the dance steps or tempo or anything else, show your guests that you plan to follow him. You can use your dance instruction to perform your dance steps, but when you get out on the floor, it is time to let go of the dance instructions and have fun and savor the first dance and the significance of the reunion on the dance floor.

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