Cakes, Desserts and Sweets

Choose from our recommendations to find the yummiest cakes, desserts, and sweets in the WNY area for your wedding day.

Alethea’s Chocolates
8301 Main Street    Williamsville, NY

Barb’s Sweet Treat
238 Oliver St., North Tonawanda, NY

Camie’s Candies
Any Theme You Can Dream…Dream It In Chocolate!

1202 Hertle Ave., Buffalo, NY
716-874-CAKE (2253)

Certainly Sweet Candy Buffet
“Treat Yourself”

Divine Chocolate Fountains
“We’ve Got You Covered”

Gala Parties, Inc

Muscoreils Fine Desserts and Gourmet Bistro
“For Desserts As Special As The Guests You Are Serving”
3960 Niagara Falls Blvd., Wheatfield, NY

Simply Sweet Events

Sweet Melody’s
“Italian Ice Cream With Elegance”

The Family Chocolate Shoppe
Fourth Generation Chocolatiers
10295 Main Street, Clarence, NY

Choosing the cakes, desserts and sweets for your wedding day is probably one of the truly fun aspects out of all of the intricate, and sometimes frustrating, decisions that need to be made when you are wedding planning. Think about all of the delicious cakes, desserts and sweets that can be incorporated into the wedding! And, who doesn’t love the part of the wedding when the cake is cut and districuted to the guests and the desserts and treats buffet is revealed?

Wedding Cakes

You can let your imagination run wind when you are wedding planning, incorporating all of your dreams into one big, fantastic wedding cake. How many layers do you want the wedding cake to be? While white is a traditional and classic color for the frosting of a wedding cake, you are not limited to the color white. Think about the theme of your wedding ceremony and the colors that you have chosen for your decor. Think about your wedding gown and your bridesmaids gowns and the colors of the wedding balloons.

Most caterers will want you to give them an idea of what you want for your wedding cake, including the flavors of the frosting and the cake, the colors of the frosting and the fondant, the amount of layers tall that you want your wedding cake to be. You can look through pictures in wedding magazines and caterer’s books to see the expansive list of wedding cake options that you have to choose from. Do you want a wedding cake that is more traditional or would you like to go with a more unique approach?Once you a good idea of what you want your wedding cake to look like, your caterer will then take your suggestions and then construct your wedding cake creation just as you described it.


What types of wedding desserts do you want to offer your guests? Again, you will want to discuss your ideas with your caterer and decide which desserts you want baked for your wedding day. From wedding cupcake desserts that are crafted with intricately designed floral patterns to frosted heart-shaped brownies to delicious fruit tarts made with strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and pineapples to layered dessert shots in shot glasses, the choices are endless. Twists on desserts like pies and cookies and brownie bars can be crafted to your liking, and mini-desserts are also great wedding desserts ideas.

Maybe you have decided that your mother or grandmother would be the perfect person to bake all of the goodies for your wedding, with a do-it-yourself wedding dessert bar flair that brings tradition to the wedding day like no caterer can. She can bring in the old-fashioned baked goods that you grew up with, and maybe add a new flair to her creations to ensure that everyone will be talking about your amazingly delicious do-it-yourself wedding dessert bar at your wedding. And, if you have time, you can even join in with the baking and decorating in between all of the wedding planning that you are doing to share some time with your mother or grandmother creating wedding desserts before your wedding day.


As if there wasn’t enough sweet stuff already with the wedding cake and the dessert bar to temp the sweetest tooth in the wedding! You will also want to think about the sweets, and to give you an idea of what we mean, think along the lines of jars filled with candies, bowls filled with M&Ms or Skittles that have only your wedding colors in them, with a decorative spoon to scoop them into hands with. Think about the truffles and chocolates and the ice cream that are always favorites at the wedding reception!

There are endless possibilities, and the more creative you and your caterer are, the better, when it comes to wedding cakes, desserts, and sweets. You can elect to have all of the cakes, desserts and sweets crafted in the colors of your wedding d├ęcor, so that the table is an amazing display of your wedding colors, or you can decide to let your caterer use their imagination and come up with a multitude of colors and flavors to make your wedding cakes, desserts and sweets become the talk of the town for weeks after your wedding day.

If you are in WNY and you need an expert to help you with your wedding cakes, desserts and sweets, consult the list at the top of this page for some of the best wedding cakes, desserts and sweets experts in the WNY area.

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