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If you want a stress-free event or wedding, we highly recommend the following WNY event planners for all of your wedding and event planning needs in the WNY area.

A To Z Weddings
Wedding and Event Consultation and Planning

Creative Elegance Weddings
318 Main Street, Arcade, NY
716-592-2131 or 716-353-3761

Gala Parties, Inc.
12 North Buffalo, St., Springville, NY

Heavenlee Weddings
Tammy Lee-Papia

Kreative Edge Design
“Give Your Event The Kreative Edge”

Tiger Lily Celebrations
5550 Main Street, Williamsville, NY

The Trillium’s Courtyard Florist
“We Specialize…We Care”
2195 Kensington Ave, Amherst, New York
Titan Entertainment Corp.
Professional Entertainment & Event Promotions
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst NY
The Wedding Agent
2890 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, NY

Event planners can be hired to essentially manage all of the intricate details of an event. If you are thinking about hiring an event planner for your wedding, there are several things that you should keep in mind while you are making the decision to hire this very important person. Not all event planners are alike, so you need to think about what you want your wedding planner to do for you before you start looking for the right person for the job.

Interviewing Event Planners for Your Wedding

Do you need someone who offers design services? Maybe you looking for someone who is more schedule oriented. Perhaps you need someone who is excellent at visualizing your creative decoration ideas and making them happen. Then again, you may need someone who is good at spending your money and sticking to the budget, while ensuring that you get everything that you want. The problem is: event planners, like many other professionals, specialize in certain aspects of wedding planning, so you have to know exactly which qualities you are seeking in the event planners whom you are interested in interviewing.

Once you have decided exactly which qualities you are looking for in an event planner, you can ask the right questions when you talk to each of the event planners that you plan to interview. Find out how extensive the services of each of the event planners are. This way, there are no surprises when you are already well into the wedding planning and want certain things done by your wedding planner.

To get an idea of which kind of event planners there are, here is a categorization that will help you figure out what you need. This is just a general guideline to help you understand what event planners offer:

Event Planners A La Carte – This event planner offers part-time assistance and guidance for decorations, vendors, and ad hoc projects. Normally, you will be charged per hour or for each project, and you would call your A La Carte wedding planner when you need them. This type of event planner is perfect for the bride-to-be and groom-to-be whom already has plenty of support from friends and family and want to do most of the wedding on their own.

Wedding Day Planning Only – You may want someone who is there to ensure that the wedding day schedule goes as planned. This type of event planner will normally charge a flat fee for their services, and while they may be involved up to a month before the actual wedding day, you will rarely see them perform their services until the wedding day. From setting up decorations and vendors to ensuring cleanup after the wedding, this event planner is perfect for the bride-to-be and groom-to-be whom are planning the wedding themselves. Of course, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be cannot be worried about the wedding events on the day of the wedding, because they are going to be far too busy.

The Designer – If you lack the creative aspect of being able to come up with colors and themes and pulling the overall appearance of the wedding together, you will want to hire a wedding designer. The designer normally does not provide scheduling and budget services, but focuses more on the “interior design” of the wedding. This type of event planner will work closely with many of the vendors of your wedding, including the florist and the caterers, but this person will not coordinate the vendors or plan the vendor’s services. If you have a theme in mind for your wedding, this is the event planner to turn to.

Full-Time Wedding Planner – If you want to let someone else handle and manage all of the details of your wedding, you are going to want to hire a full-time wedding planner. This event planner will provide you all-around support and coordinate every aspect of your wedding, therefore you can simply provide the planner with your vision, your wants and your needs, and your budget, and then leave the worrying and stressing up to your wedding planner, from the first moment of planning to the cleanup after the wedding.

Event planners, as you now know, can help you with your wedding planning in many different ways. Only you know what you want for your wedding, so you know best the type of event planners will work for you. Check out our list of recommended event planners to find a WNY wedding planner you can count on.

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