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We highly recommend these WNY hair salons if you need a fabulous and talented hairdresser for your hair on your wedding day:

Serenity Salon, Spa ‘n more…
“Surrender To Indulgence”
1100 Southwestern Blvd., Suite 200, West Seneca, NY

Shopping for hair salons to design your hair perfectly on your wedding day can be a daunting task for that precious day. You want to find someone who not only has experience with different types of hair styles, but has a special talent at crafting hairstyles for special occasions. Maybe you are still deciding whether or not to go to a hair salon because it is another expense to add to the wedding expense checking account. Before you make the decision, either way, here are some things to consider about hair salons for your wedding day:

1. Stress Level – If you are under a lot of pressure, trying to plan your own wedding and cut down as much as possible on expenses, then you might want to add wedding hair salons to your wedding budget. This may not make logical sense at first, but when the wedding day comes, hair salons can take the stress out of having perfect hair and just make it happen for you. All you have to do is set aside the time it will take to get your hair done (and travel time to the hair salon, of course).

2. Talent – If you want a creative and amazing hair style for your wedding, but only know how to do pony tails and simple braids, you are going to need someone talented to perform the task. That is where hair salons come in – they bring the talent. In order to find the talent that you are looking for, ask your friends and family for advice and read any online reviews about the hair salons in your area. Some hair dressers even post pictures in their hair salons that boast their wedding day hair creations, so it is a good idea to visit different hair salons if you are undecided.

3. Pick Style – Do not wait until the day before the wedding to pick the hair style that you want. You should be sifting through magazines and sorting through pictures online to find the one that will match the style of gown that you are wearing. Hair salons can help you decide which type of hair style would be best with the type of gown and jewelry that you are wearing.

4. Match the Jewelry – If you know the hair style that you want before you pick out the jewelry, then you will want to coordinate the jewelry with the hair style that you are planning to wear. Up swept hair styles would accentuate longer earrings, while a long decorated loose fishtail braid with ringlets of hair down the sides of the face would look better with shorter earrings.

5. Bridal Package – Consider a bridal package for your entire bridal party. Many hair salons offer a package for a set price, normally according to how many hairstyles they are going to be doing. You can plan on anywhere between $40 and $100, on average per person, depending on the hair salons. You can offer this as the bridal gifts to your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl, and it can double as a ladies’ morning out right before the wedding. If you cannot budget to spend that much on the bridal party, then you can get your hair done, a manicure, a pedicure, makeup or a spa treatment in a Bride bridal package, depending on the hair salons.

6. Choose Early – If you are planning to hire a wedding hair stylist from one of the local hair salons, then be sure to choose one several months before the wedding day. This way, you have plenty of time to voice any concerns about your hair and your hair dresser will have ample time to correct any dryness or cut short ends to help your hair grow before the wedding. By interviewing and visiting hair salons early in the game, you are ensuring that your hair will look as fabulous as it possibly can on your wedding day.

7. Scheduling – Make sure that your hair stylist is clear about when your wedding day is and schedules out plenty of time to get your hair style completed and perfect on your wedding day. You might even want to schedule time on the day before your wedding to do a quick run-through of what to expect. If you bought a bridal party package from one of the hair salons, then you will want to make sure that the hair salon has scheduled enough time for all of the girls’ hair on your wedding day.

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