Wedding invitations can be so much fun, but where in WNY can you go to get the perfect invitations for your wedding?

Calling Cards Unlimited
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Celestial Invitations
Creative Elegance Weddings
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Gala Parties, Inc.
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Your Wedding Professionals
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Simply Sweet Events
The Wedding Agent
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The Wedding Quarters
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For an appointment, Please Call 716-631-2525

When you think about wedding invitations, most people normally think about the actual invitations that are sent out for the wedding. But, you are forgetting some important factors if you stick to planning for only the cards that invite your guests to your wedding. Usually, when you order the wedding invitations, you also want to plan to order the reception cards and the RSVP cards, as well. Coordinate them all to match each other exactly or choose invitations, reception cards and RSVP cards that are made with contrasting colors that hint at your wedding theme in a snazzy way.

You have heard of wedding etiquette. There are rules of etiquette for the wedding invitations, as well. Keep in mind that some of the things on the “Do” list also contain “Do not’s”. Here are some rules of etiquette to remember when you are focusing on your wedding invitations:

Wedding Invitations Rules of Etiquette


1. Expect to spend time writing the names and addresses of all of your guests, individually, on your wedding invitations. Give the invitations plenty of time to make it through the mail to your guests so that they can plan to come to your wedding.

2. Make your invitations a party. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you are crafting your invitations. Ask friends and family, your bridal party, or anyone else who would love to help you, when you are addressing and assembling your wedding invitations. Order drinks and pizza or Chinese food and make it a real party, if you are so inclined.

3. Be organized. Neatly stack your wedding invitations so that they are ready to be addressed, assembled, folded and closed properly. Have a pre-made list of guests and their current addresses so that you can get through the pile in a timely manner.

4. Put the names of all of the people invited to your wedding on the wedding invitations. Rather than using “and family” or “and guests”, write each name of the people in the household so that invitations are not confusing.

5. Double check the spelling of the names of your guests before writing the invitations. Also, include the proper titles for each person. This shows etiquette as well as respect for your guests and makes your invitations even more special and formal.

6. Write your wedding invitations from a third person perspective. Even if you and your husband-to-be are the ones who are financing the entire wedding, you still want your invitations to be written in the third person. Never use “we” or “I”.

7. Use either “request the pleasure of your company” or “request the honor of your presence”. The first phrase is more casual, whereas the second phrase is more traditional and formal. The wording should correspond with the level of formality of your wedding theme and venue.

8. Hand-write the names and addresses on your wedding invitations with neat handwriting or calligraphy. Pre-made labels are tacky and impersonal for wedding invitations.

9. Invite your guests to your wedding reception as well as your wedding ceremony. You can invite guests to only your wedding reception and keep your wedding ceremony small and intimate, but it is not normally acceptable to invite guests to the wedding ceremony and not the reception.


1. Forget about directions and maps, if necessary. If you have wedding guests who will be coming from out of town, be sure to include directions and a map to the wedding venue and any other pertinent information that will help them get to your wedding on time.

2. Include registry or gift information. Refrain from slipping your wedding registry into your wedding invitations. Keep this information for the bridal shower invitations. It is really bad etiquette to stick your wedding registry information or any gift information into your wedding ceremony or reception invitations.

3. Send invitations to guests at different times. Plan to mail them all out on the same day. Do not wait to see who will accept and who will decline before sending out “second choice” wedding invitations. Invite everyone on your list on the first round so that no one feels like a fifth wheel.

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