If you are looking for unique and real jewelry for the upcoming, exciting wedding, look no further than our recommended WNY jewelers listed here:

deSignet International, Inc.
1869 Whitehaven Rd., Grand Island, NY


Mills Jewelers
51 Main St., Lockport, NY


Paul’s Jewelry Design

Niagara Falls Blvd. At North Ellicott Creek Road
Amherst, NY

S&E Jewelers
“Largest Selection Of One Of A Kind Pieces From Around The World”
442 Niagara Falls Blvd., Buffalo, NY

When wedding bells are ringing, you want to find the best jewelers to provide you with rings that are unique and gorgeous and will make people “Oooo!” and “Ahhhh!”. Bridal jewelry is a timeless symbol of love that most cultures around the world recognize, but the wedding rings are not the only pieces of jewelry that are important in the wedding. As a matter of fact, wedding jewelry and the jewelers that provide the wedding jewelry are just as important as the bridal consultant, the wedding gowns and the tuxedos.

Think about the pearl necklaces and matching pearl bracelets for the bridesmaids or maybe they would prefer pendants that coordinated. Groomsmen (and the groom, of course) are going to need cufflinks. Earrings, you name it, are going to need to be coordinated, and whether you want to coordinate with the color of the gowns or the colors that are in the theme of your wedding, is up to you and your jewelers.

Here are some things that you and your jewelers are going to want to consider:

1. Compare the Settings – If you have long, thinner fingers, you may want to choose a thinner band. Something else to keep in mind is that thinner settings will make the diamond appear larger, while a thicker band is going to make it look smaller. You are going to want to find the perfect fit for your hand and your fingers.

2. Ask for the Certification – You do not have to believe the jewelers when they say that jewelry is real. Anything that is real is also “certified”, so ask for the certification, and do not feel bad about it. Anyone who knows what they are doing when they are purchasing from jewelers will not hesitate to ask for the certification, so you should not either.

3. Know Your Golds – There are many different golds to choose from, so before you visit the jewelers, you might want to educate yourself on gold if you are not already informed. The carat (kt) measures the amount of gold content the metal has. Ultimately, the higher the carat, the more it is worth. Then, the gold comes in diverse colors, including white, yellow, and rose. Then, two different golds can be mixed to make two-toned or three toned gold.

4. Know How To Match the Gown – Jewelers can help you determine which kinds of jewelry will match your wedding gown the best. For example, gold might not look the best with a pure white color of the gown. Instead, a necklace of pearls or a platinum chain would mix better.

5. Stay True to You – Yes, you are going to be the center of attention at your wedding, and you want to look your best, but do not wear huge, dangling earrings just because they match the best with your dress. You have to be true to yourself and the rest of your bridal party when it comes to jewelry and the suggestions that your jewelers and bridal consultants offer. If the jewelry does not match the person, then it is not a good fit, no matter how beautiful it is.

6. Mix It Up – You can mixed “borrowed” with “new” when it comes to jewelry. Go ahead and wear your grandmother’s bracelet with that new necklace you chose. Just make sure that they do not contradict each other, but rather mingle together to create a nice, fancy addition to your gown.

7. Match your Headpiece – Be sure to bring your headpiece to the jewelers when you are picking out earrings to wear for your wedding. The goal of jewelry and accessories is to make sure that everything works together perfectly.

8. Don’t Overdo It – You certainly do not want to look like your little cousin playing Princess Dress Up as you walk down the aisle. You have heard the saying, “Less is more”, and you should think about this when you are at the jewelers and thinking about jewelry.

9. Select Your Jewelry Early – While it seems like jewelry is the last thing that is taken into consideration, you are going to want to pick out your jewelry at least three months in advance to ensure that it arrives in plenty of time for any adjustments that your jewelers need to make.

10. Go Practical – If you are planning a beach wedding, you can choose to match the bridesmaids’ earrings with the theme of the wedding. The nautical earrings will be casual enough to wear to work or out on the town, making them a practical gift that you have given to your bridesmaids.

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