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If you need limousine service in the WNY area for your wedding, we recommend the following WNY limousine services:

Aces Limousine
“Let Aces Take You Places”

Advantage Limousine Service, LTD
“Over 20 Years Experience”

Giorgio’s Limousine Service
5464 Genesee St., Lancaster, NY

Misty Thunder Limo Service
Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

Status Limousine
“Proudly Serving WNY For Over 20 Years”
799 Englewood Ave., Tonawanda, NY

On that once-in-a-lifetime day, most brides and grooms like to enjoy a limo ride from a limousine service, either to the church and from the church or to the wedding reception. Unfortunately, your wedding day can be ruined, one way or another, by the company that is providing the limousine service. However, it is incredibly difficult to discern between the millions of limousine service companies that are advertised over the Internet and the reputable limousine service companies that are located locally.

In order to avoid a wedding day that is devastated by the limousine service, you will want to do you research and make sure that you have chosen a limousine service that truly deserves to be a part of your wedding. You want the limousine service to arrive in a timely manner, display a crisp, clean driver, and be pristine clean inside of the limo (no need for stains on that fabulous wedding dress!). You also want a limousine service that will spend time with you before the wedding to plan all of the minor details and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Wedding Limousine Service Cost

Wedding limousine service, on average, costs about $200 to $600, based on a $60 to $100 an hour rate and planning for about 4 hours for a wedding (you normally have to book a minimum of 3 hours). Of course, this price can be increased tremendously, depending on the type of limo and the luxury options that you want to be included. For example, if you and your groom-to-be want to ride in a stretch SUV, a vintage limo, or some other exotic limo, you can expect to pay more.

If you want a mini-bar, a flat screen, or other luxury options, plan to add more to the limousine service budget. If you are planning a wedding in spring, keep in mind that spring is also the time for proms, so not only do you want to book your limousine service in advance, you also want to ensure that you book far enough in advance to ensure a rate that is not inflated due to demand.

Considering how much the average bride and groom spend on a wedding limousine service, you want to know that you are going to be receiving top-notch customer service from the limousine service that you select. Here are some tips that will help you ensure that you choose a limousine service that will enhance your wedding experience, and not make it a complete catastrophe.

1. Think about reserving your limousine service between 6 and 9 months prior to your wedding date. You do not want to be limited in your choices. You want exactly the car that you choose and the luxury options that you want, therefore you want to start making plans as far in advance as possible. This also gives you the time and ability to switch to another limousine service if the first one that you have chosen does not seem to be working out.

2. Make sure that you get a signed contract from the limousine service that you are planning to use for your wedding. The contract should include which type of vehicle you have chosen, the amount of time that you have reserved the limousine service for, and how much it would cost if you needed to pay overtime to your limousine service, for some unforeseen reason. If the limousine service does not meet your expectations, you will have the contract to refer back to.

3. Reserve the limousine service for an hour more than you expect to need it. This will save you from having to pay expensive overtime rates to the limousine service if anything runs behind schedule during your wedding. You want to make sure that you and your groom are not under pressure just because of the limousine costs or a driver who needs to leave to handle another engagement.

While you can certainly compare limousine service companies by examining their packages, their rates, and their specials, the customer service and the reviews that they have received will speak louder than their cost, when your wedding day is involved. Consider perusing the limousine service reviews on the Internet to read what people have said about the services of the limousine companies in the local area.

Finally, make the limousine ride fun and memorable for the parties involved. If you are planning to bring your bridal party along for the ride, stop at a local fast food restaurant and place a crazy and enormous order or make a quick stop at the beach to run your toes in the sand in your wedding dress. It is your special day, after all, so enjoy that limousine service for every penny that it costs.

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