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If you are doing your own wedding planning, you are definitely going to want to put some time and thought into the wedding linens that will put the flair you are looking for into your table settings. Even if you have a wedding planner handling all of the details of your wedding, your opinion is going to count when it comes to the wedding linens that you are going to incorporate into your wedding. Once you have decided what you want for a theme, the linens should fall into the theme nicely, carrying the mood and the overall appearance of the wedding.

Here are some things to keep in mind about your wedding linens:


Do not pick out your linens until you have the theme for your wedding carved in stone. Once you know what the theme, the colors and hues, the level of formality, and the ideas that you already have in mind for tables and centerpieces, you will be able to select the perfect color for the linens to help integrate the theme into the table settings. You will also want to think about the theme in regard to the material of the linens. If you are thinking about a traditional wedding, off-white table linens with satin and lace may be the winning ticket.


The place that is hosting your wedding reception should be taken into consideration when you are looking at linens. You want to make sure that the room’s décor, including the carpets and the wallpaper, does not clash with the colors that you select. Keep in mind the dimensions of the room, the colors on the walls and the ceilings, any artwork on the walls, and other features that will exist in the room during your wedding. Ask the contact at the reception site if they include table linens with the room rental, but seriously think about whether you want to spend the extra money to ensure new, fresh and clean linens versus possible stains on rented linens.

Sizes and Measurements

Get the measurements of the tables and ask what type of chairs you can expect when you are talking to the vendor. This will help when you are asked the specifications of the tables to ensure that the linens will be long enough or wide enough. The last thing you want is lop-sided tables, because the linens do not fit correctly, so do not start looking at linens until you have finalized the types of tables that you are renting.

Coordinate Table Settings

The theme should also dictate the table runners, napkins, and other table setting linens, creating a coordinated table setting that flows with the theme. You do not want the tables to detract from the general appeal of your wedding or create a gaudy, overdone aura of décor. They table settings should be an extra added dimension to the wedding that provides people with more fantastic looking things to look at during your wedding reception.

When you are looking at the décor of the room that you are hosting your reception in, also be sure to make note of the lighting in the room. Lighting is one of those aspects that many brides forget to think about when selecting the wedding linens. Colors and textures of fabrics can change when they are placed under different lighting. Think about windows and sunshine, as well, as windows can let the sun shine into the room, also altering the level of lighting in the room. For an outdoor wedding, the sun and cloudy days should both be taken into consideration. Test out the fabrics and colors that you want for your linens under different types of lighting to ensure you are picking something that you can be happy with for your wedding day.

Ask For Help

Pull in a friend, your bridesmaid, or your mother to hear different people’s reactions and thoughts about the wedding linens that you are looking at and like. Listen to their opinions. What you see may be different than what other people see when everyone looks at the linens together, so think about the suggestions that you hear with an open heart. The people whom your are asking for advice from love you and know that this is a very special day for you and that the tables need to be just as special as everything else. Their advice about the table linens will most likely come from the heart.

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