Photo Booths

Photo booths bring the fun to the wedding! The following WNY wedding vendors supply photo booths for weddings:

BKM Photography and Photobooths
An Affordable Photobooth Option, All Costs Included
Includes: Photo CD of All Images
Free Printed phto for guest and one for memory book.
Memory Sracpbook, Delivery & Set Up, Unlimited Photos.
Photobooth Attendant. Special Pricing for Wedding Photography and Photobooth Combination.

Everlasting Memories
1450 Niagara Falls Blvd., Tonawanda, NY

Phenomenon Events & Production
300 Langner, Suite 7, West Seneca, NY

Soundwave DJ and Photo
DJ – Photography-Uplighting-Photo Booths
716-639-WAVE (9283)
Titan Entertainment Corp.
Professional Entertainment & Event Promotions
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst NY

Many brides overlook the possibility of photo booths at their wedding reception. According to a study performed back in 2003 and printed in the St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine, most brides would have spent more on the entertainment at their wedding. While that does not necessarily mean that they would have considered the idea of photo booths, it does mean that they felt like they had missed out on some fun.

When you rent a photo booth for your wedding reception, you are immediately inviting some fun. Who doesn’t love posing in front of the camera when you are dressed up in your finest clothes, shoes, and jewelry? Who doesn’t love getting together with old friends and family and taking candid pictures that will create lasting memories? What bridal party wouldn’t love to have a photo booth to play around in during the wedding reception?

Renting Photo Booths

When choosing from the different photo booths that are available for rent, make sure that you know what the latest photo booths are capable of. First of all, before the technology comes into the picture, you want to ensure that the photo booths that are available for rent are clean and look brand new. There is no excuse for old photo booths that have torn curtains, cracked seats, and outdated technology.

The company that you are renting from should show an interest in the details of your wedding and show you what they have to offer for photo booths. Do not just call up companies and expect that all photo booths or all photo booth vendors are the same. Do your homework to ensure that you are getting exactly what you expect and what has been described to you.

Inside the Photo Booths

Today’s photo booths, if you have not been introduced to one lately, are made with touchscreen technology that allows the people who are being photographed to select how they want the photos to come out. Many offer different backgrounds and options for the photos, and the pictures can be color or black and white. But, it gets better than that. The touchscreen technology walks you through the picture taking process, step by step, so each person or couple who steps into the photo booth can choose their custom photos.

If you are interested in getting the entire bridal party in a picture together, do not worry that they will not fit into the photo booth together to take the wedding pictures. All you have to do is simply take down the curtain for the photo booth and the whole party can join in on the candid camera pictures and the laughter. Then, put the curtain back up for more intimate photos.

Themes & Fun

There are so many things that you can do with the layout of the pictures that you take. For instance, you can give your wedding invitation to the photo booths rental company and they can create a background with it. Backgrounds can be funny, flavorful, or themed, so taking pictures is actually a lot of fun. In addition, most companies will bring along props to make the pictures even more fun to take.

The photo booths are simple, sleek and elegant and normally do not take up any room in the reception room. Entertainment has never been so fun at the wedding reception. Forget the traditional live band, forget the classic photographer, and bring in the photo booth that will have your guests giggling and laughing as they pose for the camera.

Don’t be the bride that looks back and wishes that she had invested in more entertainment at her wedding ceremony. Create the wedding that everyone wants to attend with one of the newest photo booths available for rent. Your wedding will be the talk of the guests for a long time to come, and the photo booth will print out photographed memories that you can count on to last forever.

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