Here is our list of recommended wedding rental companies in Western New York:
Titan Entertainment
Professional Entertainment & Event Promotions
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst NY
All Season Party & Tent Rental
Upstate New York’s Preimere Event Rental Source
5885 Transit Road, East Amherst, NY
Dick Miller Florist
185 Delaware Street, Tonawanda, NY
The Wedding Agent
2890 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, NY
There are so many different wedding rentals that you could potentially incorporate at your wedding reception to make it bigger and better than other weddings that your friends or family have thrown. You can make your wedding the talk of the town for months to come when you select the right rentals. Whether you need tables and table linens or you want to add something new and exciting to your wedding, there are plenty of wedding rentals options to choose from.

Tables and Linens

Every wedding needs tables and linens, so if you are hosting your wedding at an outdoor location or a venue that does not offer tables and linens, you are going to want to consider your tables and linens rentals options. Wedding table rentals can range from long, rectangular tables to small, round tables, and if you want something special, you can even rent heart-shaped tables. When you are considering the linens rentals, think about the theme of your wedding and how the linens will bring the theme together or add to it.


Tent rentals are great for your outdoor wedding, as they will protect your guests from the summer sunshine. With the worst-case scenario, if the weather decides to rain down on your wedding, the tents will shelter your guests and keep them dry. Tent rentals provide you with the option to host an outdoor wedding without the worry of the weather raining out your entire wedding day.


Your wedding guests are going to need somewhere to sit before, during and after the wedding. Chair rentals are the answer to this problem. Many chair rentals companies will provide you with different options for chairs, and even chair covers that will match with your wedding décor, so be sure to shop around to find exactly which type of chair rentals will work for your wedding.

Photo Booth Rentals

This is one of the fun and exciting rentals options that we were talking about. Photo booth rentals bring an aspect to your wedding that take it up a notch over other weddings that you have been to. Your guests will be able to step into the photo booth and make lasting memories, and even a scrapbook that will last long after the wedding. Many photo booth rentals also come with props to make picture taking even more fun.

Bounce House Rentals

What are the little ones going to do at your wedding? If you are planning to have a lot of youngsters as guests on your wedding day, bounce house rentals are an outside of the box idea that will have your guests talking about your wedding long after it is over. Bounce house rentals will keep the children content while the grown up guests enjoy your wedding day.

Chocolate Fountains

Who would think that fountains that are made out of chocolate would be something that you can rent for your wedding? Bring the décor at your wedding to the next level with chocolate fountains rentals that will “Wow” your guests.

Equipment Rentals

If you do not plan to hire a DJ who will bring their own sound system to your wedding, you may want to consider sound systems rentals. The speakers and microphones will ensure that everyone at your wedding can hear the important parts of your wedding.

Uplighting Rentals

Do you want special lighting for your indoor wedding? Uplighting rentals help you set the stage for your wedding day exactly the way that you want to.

Gobo Rentals

Have you ever seen the names of the bride and the groom and the wedding date projected onto a wall at a wedding in pretty lighted writing? Gobo rentals add another decorational aspect to your wedding day, with personalization, as well.

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses Rentals

You can even rent a wedding gown, rather than purchasing one. And, if you want bridesmaids dresses rentals, you can find them, too.

Wedding Decorations Rentals

Once you have chosen the theme for your wedding, you can think about wedding decorations rentals. Yes, you can rent wedding decorations! They may need to be assembled and you will need someone helping you decorate, but you can definitely rent them.

Make a list of the things that you want for your wedding day, and you will probably be able to find what you need from one of the wedding rentals companies in the area. With wedding rentals, you can set up a traditional wedding with uplighting that enhances the mood or you can create a wedding that is fun and exciting with chocolate fountains, bounce houses and photo booth rentals that will have everyone talking about how fun your wedding was!

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