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If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can inquire these WNY tent rental companies:

All Season Party & Tent Rental
Upstate New York’s Premiere Rental Sounrce
5885 Transit Road, East Amherst, NY

Titan Entertainment
Your Complete Tent, Table Chair and Party Rentals
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst, NY

Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding in the spring, summer, or fall, you are going to want to consider the option of a tent rental for your wedding. Let’s not think about the worst-case scenario, like a cloudy day and the possibility of mother nature pouring down rain, but rather think about the warm sun rays that will beat down on your guests. Think about the food and how you can protect it from the sunbeams, as well –  a tent rental.

Planning for the tent rental for your wedding day may not be brain surgery, but there are definitely some things that you want to think about and do to ensure that you get the exact type of tent that you need. Here is what you should do:

1. Take measurements of the areas where you will be placing the tents. If the area that you are planning to place the tent or tents in is extremely enormous, you might want to consider renting several smaller tents, as opposed to a very large one. Think about how you want the layout to look and what will be under the tents. For instance, if you plan to have smaller tables under the tents, then you can have smaller tents, but if you are planning to have long, larger tables under the tents, then you will want larger tents to cover the expansive tables.

2. Ask the tent rental company whether your tents will come with outer walls that are removable. If you are blessed with a beautiful, sunny day, you can elect to take the walls off of the tents and if the weather is not cooperating on your wedding day, you can put the walls up to protect your décor, the food, and your guests. Be sure that the tent rental for your wedding is suitable for the season that you are hosting your wedding. Canvas tents that are made with lightweight material  and color and include vented tops are perfect for summer, while winter and late autumn weddings would require a heavier material tent with outer walls and windows.

3. While you are definitely going to have a budget for the tent rental, you are going to want to focus on renting quality, rather then trying to save on the tent rental budget. Be sure to visit the facility that you will be getting your tent rental from and look at the tents that you will be renting to ensure that the quality is good.

4. Ask the company that you are renting from if they deodorize their tents. When the tent rental company brings the tents to you only a couple of days before your wedding, you do not want to find out that they do not deodorize their tents. Remember that these tents are used in all types of weather, and are often packed away, even after they have been rained on. If people were smoking inside of the walled, enclosed tents, they could hold the smell of smoke and the rained on tents could mildewy. A tent rental company that cares about their tents – and their customers – will deodorize their tents to ensure that every time they are set up, they smell fresh for whatever occasion the tents are meant for. You do not want your wedding day ruined by bad smelling tents.

5. Make sure that you schedule the tent rental company to deliver the tents plenty of time in advance to set everything up for your wedding. Essentially, you will want to allow your caterer, the band or DJ, the florist, and everyone else who needs to set up under the tents ample time to set up the food, sound system, flowers, and decorations well before the guests start showing up and the wedding starts. You may even want to order the tent rental for several days in advance, that way, if the tents are delivered late, it does not affect – and possibly ruin – the entire wedding day.

6. If you have a wedding planner, ask him or her if they have any information or knowledge about the tent rental companies and services in your local area. They might have some tips, as well.

7. Plan to have the tent rental company come well after your wedding and all of the festivities are completely over. You do not want the tent rental company workers standing around at your wedding, impatiently waiting for your festivities to end so that they can take down the tents. You want to be able to enjoy every minute of your wedding day and not feel rushed to end the activities, and you certainly do not want your guests to feel like they are being sent home earlier than everyone is ready to go home because the tent rental company is ready to pack up.


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