If you want uplighting to enhance the mood of your WNY wedding, we recommend the following vendors:

Beamin’ Sound
“More Than Just The Music”
NY: 7`6-433-6934
US: 866-397-5182
Innovative FX
Your Wedding Professionals
5862 Transit Rd., Depew, NY
Soundwave DJ and Photo
DJ – Photography-Uplighting-Photo Booths
716-639-WAVE (9283)
Titan Entertainment
Professional Entertainment & Event Promotions
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst NY
You want the newest trends for your wedding day, so you are thinking about incorporating uplighting into the décor of your wedding. Would you believe that you could create that awesome lighting that points from the floor, up the wall, to the ceiling, by yourself for your wedding? It is actually quite easy to do and we will let you know how in a moment.

Whether you plan to have a do-it-yourself wedding with uplighting that you, your wedding planner or your bridal party set up, or you hire a company to come in a set the uplighting up and make it even easier for your wedding, the uplighting can affect the mood and décor of your wedding in a fun and exciting way. Think about all of the colors that you could use to add to the theme of the room. Light blue, neon pink, bright green, or let the lights change to make it funky and entertaining.

Traditional (Outdated) Uplights

You have probably seen some form of uplighting somewhere in your experiences. Think about places like dance clubs, or maybe concert stages and other flashy, lighting-from-the-bottom-up scenes. Before technology took a role in uplighting, wedding lighting once required the use of halogen light bulbs and par cans that were heavy and somewhat bulky compared to what we have today. To create the color of the lighting, you would put a color gel over the top of the halogen bulbs. These lights would become extremely hot, and while you could purchase different gels to create different colors, and they changed the mood and matched wedding themes with colors. You will not see this type of lighting anymore, because it consumed too much power and caused fire safety concerns.

Uplighting Today

In walks today’s version of uplighting. Maybe you are not completely satisfied with the lighting at the venue that you have chosen for your wedding. Or, maybe you love the venue, but just want to add an extra little bit of mood to the area where you will be tying the knot with that special person. “Uplights” are almost the opposite of what it sounds like. Rather than lights that are “up”, these lights are actually situated on the floor, normally around the perimeter of the room that your wedding will take place in.

These uplights point upward, illuminating the walls with colored lighting, from the floor to the ceiling. The great thing about these little lights are that they are made to be user-friendly and super easy to set up, even for those people who are not technologically inclined, so if you want to rent uplighting and set it up yourself for your do-it-yourself wedding, that is certainly a possibility that you can consider.

So, if you want to add that extra something special to your wedding ceremony and you have not quite figured out how to adjust the mood of the venue that you have chosen, but really want to do something different and special that adds to the décor, then you may want to think about uplighting and how it can be incorporated with the theme of your wedding.

LED Uplighting

There is a good chance you know what LED lights are. Think about the little blue light on your cell phone that blinks when you have a notification. Light Emitting Diode uplighting, otherwise known as LED uplighting, are a new, hot trend in the world of wedding décor. LED uplighting is made of lightweight bulbs that can change color with a simple touch of a button. That means that you can forget all about picking out color gels and putting them on the bulbs, and the color does not have to stay the same. As a matter of fact, if you want to make your uplighting change with the music, then you can.

The energy consumption of the LED uplighting is super low, so the venue that you plan to use them in will not throw a fit about all of the lighting like they may have in the past.

If you wanted to do the uplighting yourself, for the Do-It-Yourself Wedding, here is the most wonderful thing about today’s LED uplighting: All you need is power cords to link the LED uplights and you can plug up to 50 LED bulbs this way in one electrical outlet. That Do-It-Yourself Wedding is definitely achievable when creating fabulous and eye-catching uplighting is that easy to do!

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