Wedding Consultants

Wedding consultants can make or break your wedding day, so make sure you pick the right one. Here are our recommendations for wedding consultants in the WNY area:

A To Z Weddings
Wedding and Event Consultation and Planning
300 Langner, Suite 7, West Seneca, NY
716 824-4714


Creative Elegance Weddings
318 Main Street, Arcade, NY


Gala Parties, Inc.
12 North Buffalo, St., Springville, NY


Heavenlee Weddings
“Perfect Wedding Don’t Just Happen”
Tammy Lee-Papia


Kreative Edge Design
“Give Your Event The Kreative Edge”


Lily Pad Wedding & Events
Take The Leap & Land On Lilypad
3963 Main Street, Amherst, NY


Tiger Lily Celebrations
5550 Main Street, Williamsville, NY


Titan Entertainment Corp.
Professional Entertainment & Event Promotions
4430 Bailey Avenue, Amherst NY
The Wedding Quarters
For All Your Wedding Needs
5500 Main St., Suite 218, Williamsville, NY
For an appointment, Please Call 716-631-2525
Wedding consultants come by many other names, including wedding planner, a bridal consultant, or a wedding coordinator. And, underneath those many names comes different categories, as well. For instance, some wedding consultants specialize in the decorating aspect of the wedding, while other wedding consultants focus on planning the schedule and working out logistics. So, there are definitely some decisions that you need to make if you are considering hiring a wedding consultant.

Who Needs Wedding Consultants?

According to a study called the 2011 Real Weddings Study that was conducted by and, in which 18,000 couples that were newly wedded, 18% employed wedding consultants. And, while only 18% of these couples decided to use a wedding planner, almost any bride could benefit with the help of one when she is planning her wedding. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and even women who are super organized and ready to plan whatever comes their way, there are going to be things that come up when you are planning your wedding that are stressful, menial, and overwhelming.

You might be amazing at decorating and planning the agenda, but you may not like placing orders for everything that you need. Or you may have an eye for a theme and can visualize it, but you may not have the desire to go shopping for all of the intricate pieces of décor that will be needed to complete the look. Instead, you can find a wedding consultant who has a knack at – and enjoys – doing the parts of the wedding that you would rather not deal with.

How Much Do Wedding Consultants Cost?

If you seriously want to hire a wedding consultant to help you plan your wedding, you can expect to allocate 10 to 20% of the entire wedding budget for that help. Remember that this person has years of experience, as well as knowledge in the local industry, so they probably have a local florist, a wedding designer, a wedding rental company, and many other contacts stored in her cell phone that she can speed dial when she needs them. She knows how weddings are run, how to plan them, and knows her way around the wedding industry in the local area.

Are Wedding Consultants Worth the Money?

This is a question that the bride needs to ask herself. Do you need help from a wedding consultant? Are you going to be able to handle the stressful moments that are going to come up and the setbacks that could occur and the forgotten invitations that could delay the wedding entirely? That is, of course, some of the worst-case scenarios, but unexpected things do come up when couples are planning their wedding, and weddings do not always plan out perfectly. So, whether wedding consultants are worth the money or not depends on the bride, herself, and how she feels about it.

Types of Wedding Consultants

Before you run out and call the first wedding consultant that you find, there are a few things that you have to think about. What exactly do you want your wedding consultant to do for you? Do you want help with creating the theme with decorations and flowers and balloons, but you have no idea how to pull it all together? Do you want help with coming up with an agenda for the wedding? Do you need help with making the guest list and sending out invitations?

Think about everything that you want your wedding consultant to do and make a list. This is what you will discuss with the wedding consultants whom you will be interviewing for the job. After all, that is what this position is. You are hiring someone to perform a very important job for you, maybe one of the most important jobs in your life right now. It might be one of the most important jobs in your life, ever. So, you want to pick exactly the right person. Someone who gives you a good, positive feeling, because this person will basically be walking alongside of you as you head down the long journey toward walking down the aisle.

Time Saving & Money Saving

The one thing that is for sure is that wedding consultants are experts in the wedding field, and if anyone would know how to pinch those pennies in the wedding budget, the wedding consultant is the one who can. She will know how to accomplish things with less money. She will know where to cut corners and when you should never cut a corner. And, the wedding consultant will save you time that you could be spending with friends and family as the days lead up to your wedding day.

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