Wedding Favors

These are the places to go in WNY when you are looking for the perfect wedding favors for your wedding guests:

Alethea’s Chocolates
8301 Main Street  Williamsville, NY
American Cancer Society
Honor A Loved One Touch By Cancer
Artistic Imprints
Personal Service, Professional Results
5862 Transit Rd, Depew, NY
Barb’s Sweet Treat
238 Oliver St., North Tonawanda, NY
Certainly Sweet Candy Buffet
“Treat Yourself”
Gala Parties, Inc.
12 North Buffalo, St., Springville, NY
Kreative Edge Design
“Give Your Event The Kreative Edge”
Muscoreils Fine Desserts and Gourmet Bistro
“For Desserts As Special As The Guests You Are Serving”
3960 Niagara Falls Blvd., Wheatfield, NY
Simply Sweet Events
The Wedding Quarters
For All Your Wedding Needs
5500 Main St., Suite 218, Williamsville, NY
Vizcarra Vineyards
3760 Quaker Rd., Gasport, NY
What’s more fun that shopping for wedding favors or even making your own wedding favors? The tradition of the bride and the groom distributing wedding favors to the guests as a “thank you” has gone on for many centuries. Today, it seems like just about anything goes for wedding favors. You can buy personalized items for each guests at your wedding or you can make your own wedding favors. You can shop for wedding favors online; the choices are endless, making the decision of what to purchase your wedding guests quite difficult, actually.

How To Select Wedding Favors

So, how would a bride go about selecting the perfect wedding favors for her guests, when all of her guests are totally different people with diverse likes? First, you want to figure out what your budget is to spend on wedding favors. The budget is going to help you decide how much you can spend on each person for a gift. If you have a small budget, you might want to think about doing “one wedding favor” for your guests.

One Wedding Favor

You do not have to get a small gift for everyone. Instead, you can decide to do a “big favor” for your wedding guests by doing something that everyone can enjoy. For example, you can put together an amazing candy buffet for all of your guests, and that would suffice as your “thank you” to them for attending your wedding. Who doesn’t love a handful of chocolate or gum drops or licorice?  You could make an incredible candy bar with a meager $250 budget!

Frugal Wedding Favors

If your budget limits you to only be able to spend $3 or $4 per person, you are definitely going to have to think creatively about how you can give your guests a “thank you” gift for under $5 each. The great thing is, when you purchase small items in bulk, you can get great deals. Even better than that: many wedding favor companies understand that brides and grooms are working within a budget, therefore they have come up with ideas for them so that they do not have to think creatively. All they have to do is browse through websites online to find the perfect wedding favors for frugal prices.

You can even find wedding favors for as low as 30 and 40 cents each, depending on how many you are planning to purchase. There are little tiny champagne bottles that are filled with bubbles to give as wedding favors, a cute take-home remembrance of your wedding day. You can pick out little candy packets filled with jelly beans that are personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding day. Small, personalized tea bags or bags with coffee in them are also personalized with whatever you decide to imprint them with.

Have Fun With Wedding Favors

Probably one of the most important things to remember when picking out wedding favors is that your guests will most likely want to keep them as remembrance gifts. That means that they will put them away in a safe place to remind them of your lovely wedding day, so you do not have to worry too much about making sure that your guests are going to find a use for the wedding favors that you give them.

Have fun picking them out, because while they are supposed to be a “thank you” gift, your creative, personal touch is more important than how useful the wedding favors are. Pick out something that somehow symbolizes you, or you and your husband to be, or the theme of your wedding, to tie everything together. If you are not a creative thinker, employ the help of your mother or your bridesmaids to help come up with ideas.

Get Practical

You can decide to get practical with the wedding favors and give everyone delicious smelling candles that they will love burning when they go home. Give out measuring spoons and a whisk. Who couldn’t use an extra set in their kitchen? Heart shaped coffee scoops, stainless steel cake servers, and key rings are some more practical wedding favor ideas to get your mind going.

Think outside of the box, get creative, think practical, and browse through wedding favor websites to come up with the perfect ideas for your wedding favors. We are sure that, whatever you come up with, your guests will love, because it will be a reflection of you and how you want them to remember your wedding day.

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